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Adult Pet Wellness

Vital Preventive Care - Adult Pet Wellness - For Dogs and Cats Between 1 and 6 Years of Age

There are many factors that contribute to your pet’s over all happiness during their adult years. Daily activity, proper diet, and preventative care medicine are all important. With an adult wellness plan your companion will be monitored and examined on a regular basis, reducing the risk of costly visits.


Although there are many things you can do at home to keep your pet healthy, nothing can replace the annual exam. Bring your pet to your veterinarian at least once a year to ensure he or she is on track to live a long, healthy, fun-filled life.


Vaccines are one of the most important ways to keep your pet healthy. Discuss with your veterinarian what vaccines are appropriate for your pet. Too many dogs die every year from illnesses, such as Parvovirus, that are easily preventable with proper vaccination. 

Dental Care

Dental disease is progressive. Left untreated, bacteria will eat away at the periodontal ligament until the teeth either fall out or need to be extracted. This is why we recommend yearly dental consultations and periodic dental cleanings while under anesthesia.

Lab Work

Having a baseline for blood and stool samples makes diagnosis far easier in the future should your pet develop an health issue. Yearly lab work is critical to knowing how your pet’s health is changing over the years. 


There are many foods out there and not all of them are good for your pet. Skin and ear problems are often caused by food allergies. Also, the number of obese and overweight pets is on the rise. Although exercise does play a role, the main culprit is too many calories. Many of these calories come from treats or table scraps. Just as with people, every dog and cat has a different metabolism. Let your veterinarian help you establish the proper healthy diet for your pet. 

Parasite Prevention

Preventing parasites is crucial in keeping your pet healthy and is easier than ever these days. Combination productions, protecting pets from heartworms, fleas, and many intestinal parasites are very popular. These types of medications are given as one pill once a month and are available with a prescription from your veterinarian. Keeping your pet on a regular preventative is a key part of wellness.

During the adult years, preventive wellness care is essential to longevity and early diagnosis. If you are behind on preventive care for your pet, make an appointment today and we'll help you get back on track.  

Posted Wednesday, September 16, 2015