Creating a Cat Corner at Home

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Creating a Cat Corner at Home

As many cat owners know, cats are very active creatures at home where they feel comfortable and can easily make a mess if they are left with little cat-appropriate toys. While it’s not necessary to create a whole room dedicated to your cat (who even has room for that?!), but your feline friend might appreciate one area in the house filled with things that can fill the hours in their days.

Create multiple levels. 

Cats not only find joy in leaping from one lofted area to the next, the jumping and springing activities provide excellent exercise. Most household shelves are off limits as they are filled with valuables, but create an area of clean shelves for cats to enjoy.

Choose a space with windows.

Not only do cats sometimes enjoy a warm area to lie in the sun, they oftentimes find excitement in looking out the window. As birds go by and leaves blow in the wind, cats can stare and play with these moving objects on the other side of the window for hours.

Make it cozy.

Does your cat like to curl up with you at night or snuggle into your covers after you get up? Cats love being surrounded by soft things, so deck out their space with either a cat bed or a favorite blanket, preferably near the window.

Add a toy box!

Especially if you have a kitten, it’s important to have some cat-friendly toy options for play. By supplying some cat toys, your cat is less likely to go after your curtains and hanging decorations, which could ruin them and potentially cause an emergency.
Posted Thursday, June 19, 2014