Do-It-Yourself Pet Vaccination - Not Worth The Risks

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Do-It-Yourself Pet Vaccination - Not Worth The Risks

Proper vaccination against preventable disease is one of the most responsible ways of caring for your pet. Some people might be tempted to vaccinate at home to save money and a trip to the vet. But, there are a number of sound reasons to think twice about going in this direction. 
  1. Vaccine prices vary widely and it's hard to know the efficacy or safety of what you get.

  2. Veterinary professionals get lots of practice and are educated in how to hold an animal, what behavior to look for if an animal is getting stressed, how to check for improper needle insertion, and more. It may look easy when someone else is doing it but when it is your own pet, it may not be so simple.

  3. The rabies vaccine, by law, must be given by a veterinary professional.

  4. Proof of vaccination might not be accepted if it does not come from a veterinary professional.

  5. Vaccinations are safe and severe reactions are rare, but if a serious adverse reaction happens it is considered a medical emergency and every minute counts - including the minutes it would take to get to an open veterinarian’s office.

  6. Syringes and needles are considered hazardous waste and must not be disposed of alongside ordinary garbage.

  7. If the syringe, needle, vaccine itself, or the injection of the vaccine are not handled properly, infections and other complications can occur.

Only a qualified veterinarian can properly advise you on what is best for your pet. After a comprehensive physical exam, your veterinarian will tailor a proper vaccination schedule that fits your individual pet's needs. They also determine if your pet is healthy enough to safely receive vaccines, effectively and promptly treat possible reactions and diagnose and treat other health problems during examination. Ultimately, it is up to the pet owner to decide what is best for the health of their pet, but DIY vaccines have some risks that just might not be worth it.  


Posted Monday, July 27, 2015