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Pet Teeth Brushing

The purpose of dental home care is to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent the development or progression of periodontal disease and to maintain good gingival health.

Home care is not a treatment for established oral disease and is not a substitute for regular professional examinations and treatment. home care program is best started when your pet is a puppy or kitten or directly following a professional veterinary cleaning. Starting a home care program when periodontal disease is present is not advised.

You hear it all the time: pets need their teeth brushed. You may think you don’t have time or you might not want to because you think it could be difficult. You might even think it is silly. But the fact remains that tooth brushing is the best home care you can provide to prevent periodontal disease in your pet.

Save yourself some money, and your pet some pain, by getting in the teeth brushing habit now.
Key Points:
Slow introduction to tooth brushing may be needed to have your pet accept the process. Tooth brushing should not be a struggle for you or your pet.

Brushing daily is ideal and should really take you only a couple of minutes.

Use flavored toothpaste to increase acceptance from your pet. 98% of the benefit of brushing comes from the mechanical action of the brush. You can brush your pet’s teeth with just water. Do not use toothpaste made for humans.

Watch these videos that demonstrate the how-to’s for brushing teeth.


Posted Friday, March 27, 2015