Tips for a Safe Halloween for Mt. Shasta Pets

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Tips for a Safe Halloween for Mt. Shasta Pets

Halloween also comes with a few potential dangers that can impact pets if they aren’t prepared ahead of time. If you want to dress up your pet and/or bring him or her along for the festivities, we have a few tips below.

If you dress up your pet, make sure they don’t overheat

Since we do live in an unpredictable and overall warmer climate, it’s easy for pets to overheat under layers of felt, cotton or polyester. Since they aren’t able to take off a layer or let you know they need a break, we recommend watching for panting, drooling or fatigue, which can all by signs of dehydration or overheating. Should your pet seem uncomfortable in the costume, consider loosening the fixtures or taking it off altogether.

Don’t let anyone give your pet treats or candy

Not everyone has their head on their shoulders, especially after downing a few candy bars! Even if someone seems harmless or you suspect the nice lady at the door is just giving out a dog treat, kindly decline the offer. Only give your pet treats that you yourself are providing, don’t trust strangers to give out edible treats. If you think your pet may have been in contact with a toxin or poisoned treat, call ASPCA POISON CONTROL HOTLINE at (888) 426-4435 immediately.

Bring a leash and brush up on commands

Juggling kids hopped up on sugar can be a handful enough, so the last thing you want is to have to worry about keeping your dog in line as well. By keeping your dog on a leash, you can avoid having to worry about wandering or foul play. Should you lose grip on the leash, make sure you are comfortable knowing that your dog will come right away to you when called.

We wish everyone a great, safe Halloween! If your pet has any fun costume photos, we would love to see them on our Facebook page.
Posted Thursday, October 29, 2015