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How-To Videos

While some treatments need to be conducted in a hospital environment, there are many practices that can, and need to be, maintained at home. Here are some videos to help perfect your skills. 

  • How to apply medication to your pet's eyes

    Many pet owners find resistance from their pets when applying eye medication. These videos can help:

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  • How to care for a diabetic patient

    In addition to lifestyle changes, cats and dogs with diabetes often require additional care. After watching these videos, let us know if we can help.

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  • How to clean your dog's ears

    If your dog or cat is scratching their ears or shaking their heads, it’s best to see your veterinarian as soon as possible to keep these problems from escalating. After a diagnosis is made, it’s common to maintain periodic ear cleaning and medicating. View the videos below on proper ear cleaning.

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  • How to give your pet an injection

    Occasionally, your veterinarian may require you to give your pet an injection to treat a particular problem or disease. While it’s common for some people to get queasy while administering injections, it’s essential that your pet receive this treatment. This video shows how to safely give your pet an injection:

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  • How to trim your pet's nails

    Trimming nails sounds like an easy task to complete at home, but for some that’s not the case. These videos are helpful in understanding how to trim your pet’s nails. Don’t forget we are here to help! 

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  • The proper form for administering oral medications

    Here are some best practices for administering oral medications to your dog or cat. 

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