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General Care / Dentistry


Dental hygiene is an important aspect of overall care that should be assessed during each visit. Since dental disease can affect more than just the mouth, we encourage dental exams frequently, especially for older dogs. When teeth are not properly cared for, the pain associated with dental disease can hinder proper eating and drinking and any bacteria traveling throughout the body can cause health problems in the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

  • What Is Included In Dentistry Service?

    This is a list of the services included in a Mount Shasta Animal Hospital dentistry:
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  • Why are Dentistry Procedures Crucial to Your Pet’s Health?

    When a pet has severe dental disease their quality of life can be significantly decreased due to the pain and infection. 
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  • Prevention of Dental Disease

    The prevention of dental disease is important for overall good health. As the saying goes... "It’s good to chew, better to rinse, and best to brush.”
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  • Healthy Mouth vs. Dental Disease

    No halitosis, reddening, swelling, and plaque.
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  • The Importance of Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

    Most of us have routine dental cleanings every 6 months. Unlike most of us, pets will not sit still long enough to have their teeth thoroughly cleaned, which is why they need anesthetic dental cleanings.
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